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2020 - 2021
Works & Projects
Sheffield Hallam University
Graphic design Level 6 semester 1/2 (2020/2021)
About 2021
The main works of this year tend to be UI design and product design. Below are the works of this year's five projects and some process demonstrations.
Chrome Project
Brand & Position a Colour
Create three brands based on three colors
Each brand features to produce advertising posters
Alipay Project
Redesign the application
Using design to save an application with nearly a billion users
Compare finding problems and borrowing from the same application to solve known design problems
Biuld by Adobe XD
Outcome 1
Outcome 2
Outcome 3
Finished outcome display 1
Finished outcome display 2
Photocase 1
Photocase 2
Photocase 3
Photocase 4
Alipay Redesign
Video Presentation
Tesla Project
Everyday we work hard to make life of our clients better and happier
NIght mode
UI overveiw
Packaging Project
Research the smartphone markets, redesign a brand smartphone packaging, make it better than Apple.
"Packaging is a silent shop guide and the best salesman. Packing must promote sales." - A. Krasovec,2010
In the smartphone market dominated by Apple and Samsung, product to product differentiation seems to become less and less, not only the product itself, the accessories around the product are identical white boxes. It's time to differentiate.
3D Model outcome
3D Model outcome
Logo Design Project
Working for a Electric Vehicle Manufacturing Enterprise
FInal outcome case 1
FInal outcome case 2

BYD Showroom case
BYD dealership case
Advertisment case
Zikun Zhang

Sheffield Hallam University
Level 6 Graphic Design

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